QualityLab Testing

At Proteins Plus we are committed to quality. Quality products, quality service.

Our team of experts work directly with manufacturers and third-party testing facilities to ensure international food safety standards are upheld while maintaining the ingredients’ high nutritional values.

As part of our commitment to quality we regularly conduct on-site audits, third-party testing, documentation review, and verify that all manufacturers maintain fully traceable records. All our manufacturing partners operate in CGMP environments to produce the highest quality product possible.

The Science of Testing

Testing is key, and critical to maintaining the consistent quality of our products. By collecting and listening to what the scientific data tells us we are able to see the trends of different elements, this enables us to work more effectively with manufacturers and continuously improve product quality.

All parameters for every batch are rigorously tested prior to each shipment, ensuring the product is ready and safe for use. As your protein supply partner you can rely on us to deliver quality ingredients that have passed extensive testing on identity, purity, microbial, pesticides, and solvents.


Providing consistent food safety and quality is always a challenge during the food’s supply chain. Given that ingredients such as pea proteins take a long journey from farm to consumer, reliable traceability is essential. At Proteins Plus we ensure that:

  • Plants for pea and rice proteins are inspected and approved by USFDA
  • Pea protein plants are GRAS certified
  • Organic products are USDA certified
  • All processes follow strict SOPs
  • All procedures are documented, from the order of raw materials to finished product
  • Temperature and moisture of each shipment are closely monitored and recorded

To learn more about our Quality Policy please contact a Proteins Plus account manager or customer support executive.

Simply send an email to: sales@proteinsplus.com

Thank you.