Duck Meal ProteinsDog and Cat

Proteins Plus Duck Meal powder is low-allergenic concentrated animal protein ideal for pet food formulations and animal feed.

Other animal proteins — chicken, fish, beef, etc. — can cause gastrointestinal upset or skin irritations. Proteins Plus Duck Meal has a unique lean protein profile making it the perfect healthy choice for pets with food sensitivities or food allergies.

  Lean, easy to digest protein. High in iron and amino acids.

  Available in three (3) levels of protein content: 60%, 66% and 80%.

Proteins Plus Duck Meal is 100% duck, no fillers or additives. It’s rendered wet or dry from a combination of clean duck meat and skin with or without the bone. Exclusive of feathers, heads, feet and viscera with natural tocopherol antioxidants added.

Our Duck Meal facility processes large volumes, frequently. Then immediately places the meal in cold storage, ensuring freshness and flavor remain intact.

Other processors lose freshness and flavor when they’re forced to store duck parts while waiting to amass sufficient product to render, an issue that is especially common in Europe.

Proteins Plus Duck Meal is compliant with all AAFCO Model Pet Food Regulations.